This toy was made for my son. I wanted to make an unusual gift. My search led to this project KAZKIN. This is a Rubber Band Gun.

 Of the variety of guns, I chose SilverWolf-SR.

 But I could not find sketches and drawings. So I used the photos and videos from KAZKIN. After a few evenings I had the model of rubber band gun (SolidWorks).



  I then used MasterCAM X4 and my mill. As a result I had the parts:


  Schematic of the mechanism:

  After assembling and debugging the toy was ready for my son!


  You can download the parts of Rubber band gun. All parts are in the format of SolidWorks2010 and STL-files..

Download this file (Rubber_Gun.rar)Rubber_Gun.rar[[Rubber band gun]]4302 kB
Download this file (Rubber_Gun_STL.rar)Rubber_Gun_STL.rar[[STL-files]]356 kB
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