I don't make the pendants anymore.  But you can make the pendants by yourself. 

I can sell the firmware for it.

  To help make running your CNC machine more convenient and improve you efficiency  We have created the ShuttleRU. Installation is quick and simple with it’s USB interface and custom Mach3 plug-in.


The ShuttleRU is built to be tough. The enclosure, buttons and both the inner jog wheels and the outer shuttle ring are all  made of aluminum.  Each of the 15 buttons can be configured using the Mach3 plug-in  to have two separate functions the shift key on the left side allows you to select which of the two function will be used when a button is pressed. The outer shuttle ring snaps to a center off position and can be twisted in either direction to control the direction of movement of the currently selected axis. The shuttle can be twisted about 75 degrees in either direction the more twist the faster the current axis moves in the twisted direction. The Inner Jog wheel acts as a precision MPG allowing you to precisely move to a specific location. The combination enables you to quickly move over long distances and easily switch to precise control when you are near the exact position you want. This is all done effortlessly and with much less wear and tear than using an MPG alone.

  Installation is quick and simple with it’s USB interface just plug it into the PC’s USB port and it will install the pendant as a new HID device. Then put the custom plug-in DLL file into your mach3 plugins folder usually located at “your install directory\Mach3\plugins.


Once that is done run Mach3 you should see on the bottom of the screen a status line that says “Shuttle Plugin Enabled”  now go to the Config Menu and select the Config Plugin menu Item.



Mach3 will open a dialog box showing a list of all installed Plugins and if they are enabled or not. click on the config for the ShuttleRU plugin this will bring up another dialog that will allow you to configure the buttons from a list.


  Notice that the Button on the top Left of the screen (Shift Button) Only has two settings. Set it to red and configure the buttons for the functions you would like to have while the red led is on then change the Shift button setting to green.Then you can set the 15 buttons for different functions that will be active when the green LED is on.When you are done Click the okay button and you are ready to go. Pressing the Shift key will toggle between the red and green Leds changing the 15 key function at the same time.




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