I am not going to create that version of the pendant. This article is for information only.

 The ShuttleRU_LCD is our newest and most advanced Pendant.

 It combines all the same functions as the original ShuttleRU and adds a Graphic TFT LCD to allow you to see some of the most needed data right from the Pendant. The TFT LCD is provided by Siemens  and is originally used in the S65 mobile phone.


 There are two Display formats.

 The 4 Axis Display shows X,Y,Z and A to be displayed in a large font size on
the right side of the screen. While the FRO, U/Min and Current line number.
 The display also Highlights the currently selected axis as well.


 The 3 Axis display shows all the same Items except that the A axis is replaces with the Mach Systems Status.


 If the CNC machine has an Power failure the pendant can remember the line number that mach was executing before the failure. This way later you can continue from this line.


 Installation and configuration of the Shuttle RU_LCD is the same as the ShuttleRU.


  Any image can be used as a screensaver.

  Here is a working image of the ShuttleRU_LCD:

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