I don't make the pendants anymore.  But you can make the pendants by yourself. 

I can sell the firmware for it.
   A version of USB Pendant with a 2.8" display the ShuttleRU_STM32. It has the same basic controls as the other pendants. It has the same outside wheel shuttle and inner-encoder and 17 buttons, one used for the Shift function, which allows at total of up to 32 functions to be defined to make using your machine easier.



 The Pendent uses a 32-bit ARM™ controller a CortexTM - M3 STM32F103** with built-in USB interface, creating a simple interface and improve performance.


 There are two main differences from the previous version of the ShuttleRU_LCD pendant.

 The first, is it has a larger 2.8"- display.

 The second, and most importantly the screen layout can be customized by the user in a specially written program called ScreenDesigner it allows you to build multiple screen layouts and create bargraphs and DROs, LEDs where ever you want on the screen.

 The program (similar to Screen4 Mach3) is easy to use and has many options for output elements.

 The elements are arranged on the screen by dragging and dropping. And a grid is present to ease the  aligning of elements on the screen. The grid also aids in placing elements using coordinates and helps with the use of scales.

 The generated files are loaded into the memory card of the pendant using the SD card reader or directly by the program.

  You can create any number of screens and switch between them by touching the screen using Gestures of up and down movements on the screen. This can be done while using the pendant to control your cnc machine. Each screen can display any number of items that can be selected from a list of 20 user defined Items. All elements have an order numbers, and can be further configured in the plugin.



The version of ShuttleRU_STM32v.2 in plastic case.



plastic case.



  It differs from the previous version by a smaller display (it was 2.8" and now it is 2,4"), and the number of the buttons is less than in the previous version (17 and 15 accordingly) only.

  The basic functionality has not changed!

screen saver.




Download this file (fmtDLL.rar)fmtDLL.rar[For Don]24 kB
Download this file (Samples.rar)Sapmles[Label Corel v.12]98 kB
Download this file (ScreenDesigner.rar)ScreenDesigner.rar[[Screen designer for ShuttleRU_STM32]]972 kB
Download this file (Screens.rar)Screens.rar[Screens for STM32]359 kB
Download this file (ShuttleRU_STM32.v.7.19.zip)ShuttleRU_STM32.v.7.19.zip[Plugin for ShuttleRU_STM32]785 kB
Download this file (STM32V.2.rar)STM32V.2.rar[[Plugin for ShuttleRU_STM32v.2]]702 kB
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